Contents Introduction Wireless Setup. To do that refer to this page. Also, that ran exactly as you said. The next time you boot into Ubuntu, you will have to do this again. You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications. On feisty, the latest update to ndiswrapper 1.

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Simply add as required. Yeah, I think it’s supposed to be “el”.

I’ve the good folks over at the UbuntuForums but haven’t had any luck. You can go ahead and select Ubuntu. Almost every time I shutdown, the system gets as far as shutting down the system clock, ybuntu then it locks up.

How do I make a simple linear graph?

If you miss this step, you will have to run Chkdisk Windows usually does this automagically and reboot to Ubuntu again. The easy solution is here: Use synaptic to install the following: I’m using the same dell driver that I have hcmwl5 before, and the one recommended on the ndiswrapper wiki:.

But after using it and booting it ubnutu works afther running “module-assistant a-i linux-uvc -f” and rebooting again. I bet they’ll have you squared away in no time. Most of the hints are available when googling, but it can take a while to grab all the relevant data.


Macbook – Community Help Wiki

You may also try “noapic nolapic” as opposed to “noacpi nolacpi” – this fixes the issue for certain models. Click “Install New Driver”, then the open folder icon where it says None in the location drop down menu. Once the card is listed as installed, click “bcmwl5” to select it, then click the “Configure Network” to bring up the computer’s network settings. Kopete instant bcmw5l, although version 0. Navigate to the directory you unzipped the driver files to and select the “bcmwl5.

To permanently make the change, you must edit your boot options while in Ubuntu. The Belkin F5D is listed as an RT compatable card, and should be automatically detected and installed by Breezy.

WifiDocs/LinksysWPC54G – Community Help Wiki

You should monitor your laptop’s temperature until you are sure uubntu the cooling system is operating correctly. Log in and mess about. The error you’re getting complains about a filename with a one in it. The dvef model works fine with Gutsy Gibbon, but grub hangs.

Visit the following links: This is just about the only thing that has stopped me from a complete change to Linux on my Dell laptop.


Just install the nvidia page driver: Aside from “sudo” and a few other commands, I feel like I am typing magic phrases into the terminal with some unknown meaning. Maybe someday we’ll have an open source driver for those ububtu Broadcom chipsets Last time the AskMetafilter group helped me out enormously.

Press enter to exit the edit. Having the sound working If nothing is done, the sound led remains red meaning it is not usable even if the system seems to know it. Reboot the system, and your screen resolution should be correct.

The next time it should smoothly apply the ubunt resolution configured for the mono-cpu kernel that is, x resolution. Page History Login to edit. Using the arrow keys, select the top-most ‘kernel’ entry and press ‘e’ on your keyboard.