The protocol stack need only generate a single header for a data packet as large as 64 KB, and the adapter hardware breaks the data buffer into appropriately-sized Ethernet frames with the correctly sequenced header based on the single header originally provided. Reboot the operating system; remove other device drivers that may be sharing the same IRQ. As the number of backup streams increases, the overall throughput increases. BACS2 also includes a number of diagnostics tools such as hardware diagnostics, cable testing, and a network topology test. If the team spans two switches, mirror the interlink trunk as well.

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Smart Load Balancing can be used with multiple switches because each physical adapter in the system uses a unique Ethernet MAC address. Both of these protocols operate over IP and are supported by all teaming modes.

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Because a Virtual Adapter is implemented as a software only device, it lacks the hardware features to implement Wake on LAN and cannot be enabled to wake the system from a sleeping state via the Virtual Adapter. If, however, the network topology was configured for both Broadcom SLB and switch fault tolerance, then this would allow tape backup operations to continue without interruption during the link failure.

In Ethernet networks, only one active path may exist between any two bridges or switches. The load balancing algorithms do not synchronize how frames are load balanced when sent or received.

These counters are used in the same fashion as the outbound counters by the load-balancing engine periodically to reassign the flows to the physical adapter. Although teaming device drivers will manipulate the way data flows through teamed ethdrnet and failover paths, this is transparent to tape backup applications and does not interrupt any tape backup process when backing up remote systems over the network. IPX is load balanced on the transmit traffic only. Teaming is typically not used on the host side and it is not a part of our ethernt offering.


In our current HPCC offerings, only one of the on-board adapters is used.

On each node, the two public adapters are teamed, and the private adapter is not. The server software stack generates an ARP reply with the team MAC address, but the intermediate driver modifies the ARP reply and send it over a particular physical adapter, establishing the flow for that session.

The Broadcom Intermediate Driver manages the outbound traffic flow for all teaming modes.

Broadcom Gigabit Ethernet Teaming Services: Broadcom NetXtreme II™ Network Adapter User Guide

Such an application may be better suited to take advantage of the failover capabilities of the intermediate driver rather than the load balancing features, or it may operate more efficiently over a single physical teaminy that provides a particular hardware feature such as Large Send Offload.

Run Broadcom Advanced Control Suite 2 diagnostics; check that the network cable is good.

Sorry this didn’t help. If you are using Windows Serverthat support extends to eight nodes.

Though the BASP driver can process each outgoing packet in near constant time, some applications that may already be CPU bound may suffer if operated over a teamed interface. Upgrade to the latest driver.

Although overall throughput increases as the number of backup streams increases, each backup stream can be impacted by tape software or network stack limitations. Test the performance behavior of the team before placing into a production environment.


Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. At the end of the STP re-calculation a new path would be available for communications between end stations. Remove any static IP address from the individual physical team members before the team is built.

Ok – so Windows 10 moved to built in teaming In this teaming mode, the intermediate driver controls load balancing and failover for outgoing traffic only, while incoming traffic is controlled by the switch firmware and hardware.

During this time, end-to-end communications are interrupted. The only way that the router would process an ARP that is intended for another network device is if it has Proxy ARP enabled and the host has no default gateway.

Make sure the link light is ON for every adapter and all the cables are attached. Adapter teaming load balancing does not work the same way as other storage load balancing mechanisms such as EMC PowerPath. Either server connection could potentially fail, and network functionality is maintained. Verify that power management is disabled on all physical members of gigagit team.

Broadcom Network Teaming & Windows 10

Switch must support specific type of team. What is the maximum number of teams that can be configured on the same server? Using a default PHY initialization routine. I hope this gets resolved soon.