I changed NO settings, no ports, no ethernet cables It’s not the hardware So is it the software? By default, it doesn’t allow me to select 1. Nov 29, Posts: It just made part of my geek-brain melt a bit It still connects at 1. Sorry if this all seems a bit long winded.

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I dual boot the laptop into Ubuntu and run several tests from that, but it still only detects Mbps Full Duplex as the max connection speed. Just as a side note, I’ve even gone as far as resetting the cable modem as well yes, I know it may be kinda pointless, but I’m desperate, I’ll try anything!

EDIT Thanks to erratick for pointing this out: I’ve bypassed the wall plates all together, hooked up directly with 1 cable PC-to-switch, and it still only connects at Mbps. The switch is broken.


Like I mentioned earlier, the whole house is wired with CAT6. Booted a live CD of Ubuntu 9.

Like I said, I’ve trolled the internet for a solution and racked my brain for FAR too long for this not to work. I’ve checked everything on it, reset it several times, and everything checks out.

Do you have an electronics store with a generous return policy? It still connects at 1. Installed the NIC into the machine connecting at 1. Thanks for the help so far. Still only connects at Mbps, although I can select 1. Mon Nov 30, 6: In dropping this down, it doesn’t give me an option for 1.

Last Drivers  HP LJ 6MP DRIVER

After forcing it with -s speedgiyabit now maintained that speed, and also now advertises the speed is available as well. Sorry if this all seems a bit long winded.

Usable NIC.4 for INtime

If you can’t get the linux live cd to go gig, you probably won’t under windows either- although the reverse may not be true proprietary chipsets may not do well under linux. It’s been nearly a year with this setup, and all our PCs were establishing 1.

Well, I’ll be off re-soldering a laptop, so thanks for all 810e suggestions and help everyone. I ran a netsh interfaces ipv4 reset as well.

Usable NIC.4 for INtime

Moving on to abulafia’s suggestion, I made a cross over cable and verified it by hooking up the ‘working’ PC to the switch. Like I said earlier, I made a loopback cable. So, my job tomorrow is to open up and probably re-solder the pins back on to where they’re supposed to go.

I knew it was a small chance seeing as how multiple PCs can’t connect, but I rolled back the driver to the previous one, completely removed it all together and re-installed the ORIGINALS from the manufacturer, and re-updated it using both drivers from Realtek network chip setHP laptop manufactuereand just letting Windows automatically grabbing “the best drivers available” from the internet.


PyroDrake Seniorius Lurkius Registered: Mar 8, Posts: Now, for just over a week, 3 out of the 4 gigabit-ready PCs only establish a Mbps connection. Sun Nov 29, 7: I unhook it from the rest of the network, and plug in my loopback cable, it connects at Mbps So, cables are all good.

Luckily I had an extra jack laying around and was able to replace it.

Do you get link if you manually specify 1Gb? I have spent the past week browsing many forums, FAQs, and troubleshooters looking for a resolution to this problem, so ANY advise anyone can give will be greatly appreciated.

Boot a live cd that supports the hardware and see if it still only does Mb.