Post 1 of AC’97 has been around for a long time and more or less was the certification of onboard audio or generic audio chipsets on a soundcard. Feb 11, Messages: In my case the sound chip is a ALC but i’m more interested in a generic, all purpose answer, rather than one specific to this. It is up to software whether to disable the rear panel audio output when a connector is plugged into the front panel output. Post 6 of

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On the other hand HD audio cables have a wire and terminal connecttor lurking there, waiting silently in that cold dark hole poised and ready for the time when a naive unsuspecting pin 4 who isn’t even old enough to leave his motherboard slips into the High Definition Audio clutches of that extra wire.

Technical and de facto standards for wired computer buses. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A minor part of those standards is a front-panel audio connector.

AC97 is a true specification standard as it pertains to generalized computer audio and both realtek, and c-media falls under that spec as do many of the older realtek and cmi codecs. CTmanMar 29, In AC’97, pins 2 and 4 are audio ground, but pin 4 is often disconnected. For the microphone jack, the return signal pins ground the microphone input when the microphone is not plugged in.


All times are GMT The case has one wire from the front audio ports with two headers AZALIA or AC ’97 when reading the case manual it says that if i plug in the wrong header it will ruin my mobo. Apr 6, at 5: If you plug an AC97 azalai panel into a HDA motherboard then plugin detection will not work correctly, it may detect devices as not present when they are present and vice-versa and the exact aazalia may depend on what audio is playing.

For azqlia marketing term HD audio, see High-resolution audio.

Thanks for any thoughts provided. Apr 2, at AC97 is not HD, it’s a legacy audio for backwards compatibility.

Do I use the AC’97, HD or Azalia Audio case plug? | [H]ard|Forum

AC97 cables usually have an empty socket in pin location 4. Dave21Jun 5, W w YMar 28, It should be the Azalia plug as that is for H.

Basically, getting good sound out of a notebook involves an external sound solution. Yes, my password is: Does anyone know which one i need to plug in? CSbut nowadays AC97 codecs are cheap stuff from Zzalia etc.


I’m not sure of the exact different I assume that HD audio will gives better audio quality but I’ll always go for HD audio if the mainboard has it, if the mainboard only has AC97 then I’ll use AC97 connector. That won’t apply even for X-Meridian and X-Fi.

AC97 or Azalia/Intel High definition Audio support viable?

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Post 10 of It’s digital and the BIOS setting you’re talking about will tell it to use either audlo out on the case jacks or analog out. The cable looks somewhat like thisaduio the AC 97 connector attached to the HD audio connector.

I will be adding emphasis. Computer motherboards often provide a connector to bring microphone and headphone signals to the computer’s front panel. Thank you for understanding. HD Audio is intended to replace AC’ Their is a little difference the HD is better but they both sound like Crap, get yourself an discrete Sound Cardyou won’t believe the difference! Virus Problem, Please Help.