General Problems General Problems The most basic problems you may encounter are “the printer does not print” and ” your print quality is not satisfactory” If the printer does not print Check all your cable connections Check your printer driver setup Check your computer configuration Check your BJ cartridge If your print quality is not satisfactory Check your printer driver settings This may cause the paper to misfeed or jam. Press firmly on the tab on the top of the BJ tank until it snaps into place. Do not extend the paper support when loading banner paper. Align the edge of the paper guide with the left edge of the stack of envelopes. You can print banners from 2 to 6 sheets in length. Do not use paper products such as paper towels or tissues to clean the inside of the printer.

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Canon BJC 4300 Bjc-4300 Color Bubble Jet Printer

LQ Mode Ver 0. Insert the Remove the fanon pieces of tape from the sheet. Cut the banner at a crease according to the length bubble-iet need.

Graphics This tab allows you to specify print quality, color model, and print model. Then lift the BJ tank up and out of the BJ cartridge unit. Do not leave the Color Image Scanner Cartridge in the printer. See the next section, The Windows Tabs, for details.


Canon BJC Bjc Color Bubble Jet Printer | eBay

Do not set anything on top of the printer Make sure the power is off any time you connect or disconnect the AC adapter or interface cable. VXD file will be available from the Microsoft Web page. Use Black, cyan, yellow, magenta, blue, green, and red when possible. Canon does not prohibit the use of third-party inks and the use of third-party inks does not invalidate the product’s limited warranty.

Keep in mind that your print speed will be slower than with other setting combinations. This paper is specially coated to produce delicate color output. If you do not have access to the Web, you can call Canon see page Attempting to move the BJ cartridge holder may damage delicate mechanical parts.


Insert the Slide a stack of envelopes into the sheet feeder until it stops. Printers by Rick Broida Oct 16, A sweet deal on a Qi charger for the car. You now have a color cartridge installed in your printer. Open the Windows application you are going to use to print.

If you need to print dense graphics, try bunble-jet on heavier stock.

Ink may leak out and cause stains. To set up a print job on banner paper, you must decide on the number of sheets you need. Page 72 Press the lock Make sure the marks on the lever and the cartridge holder align. You may want to place it in a plastic bag to keep from spilling bubble-net residual ink.


Don’t have an account? Fold the banner Gently fold the paper at the crease between the first and second sheet. This may cause the paper to misfeed or jam.

By decreasing the amount of colors that the printer driver has to interpret, you can significantly decrease the time needed to translate the information. Note For detailed information on any of the printing options, you can use Windows 95 on-line Help. If this happens, clean the platen with a soft cloth.

Be sure to look through this booklet for special information regarding the Fabric Sheets. Slide the BJ cartridge out of the holder. You may want to label this container.

For letter-size and A4-size paper, extend the paper output tray. Set the printer on a stable surface. This may damage the printer.