Portrait Mode Accessed by turning the mode dial to the black portrait symbol, this mode sets the aperture and focus so that the subject is in focus and the background is slightly blurred. The opposite set of choices produces “shutter priority” metering. Its color and tonal rendition were excellent, our only slight criticism being that its resolution was only average for a 1. I didn’t try the portrait or landscape modes. Finally, the bottom of the camera holds the plastic tripod mount, locking battery compartment and CompactFlash slot.

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We never managed to fill the memory buffer in low-resolution mode, as it emptied quicker than we could take the next shot. Finally, the bottom of the camera holds the plastic tripod mount, locking battery compartment and CompactFlash slot.

QV-8000SX Manual

The extra time is that required for the black-reference image to be captured. The four “card browser” options provide a range of display options designed to offer as much functionality as possible with a variety of different web browsers.

In this section, we’ll show the default menu first, followed by some of the sub-menus from the Details mode. We really liked swiveling lens on the QV, which rotates a full degrees, letting you point the lens all the way back at yourself, straight down or anywhere in between.

Focus, Flash and Digital Zoom. You get the snap-on lens cap, with no strap included. Overall, the QV completely captures the low-light picture-taking crown, at least as of this writing in January, I really like the wired remote control, it controls most major functions of the camera q-8000sx is highly useful when shooting macros or viewing slideshow playbacks on the TV set.


Overall, the QV seems to do a good job of regulating its power consumption turning off the LCD screen when it’s charging the flash, for instance to maximize battery life. The all plastic body makes the camera surprisingly light weight for its size, at only We could see some of what Casio’s doing, in that they evidently capture a “black-reference” image immediately after the time-exposure shot itself, and using it to subtract-out the noise.

It’s just like a camcorder: As we noted earlier, this can be helpful in manually focusing on macro subjects, or in studio settings where you have to interact with the subject from in front of the camera. The Menu button obviously activates the menus.

The movies came out very well! In some respects, this makes sense since the LCD viewfinder provides a TTL through the lens view, and is therefore more true to the captured image.

QVSX – Digital Cameras – Manuals – CASIO

The USB port is fast and allows you to download your images to the computer without the need or expense of a card reader. The images can then be linked in Windows based computers via the included Panorama Editor software. To make matters worse, there is no brightness adjustment for the LCD! Don’t even bother looking at anything else!

We actually tested the power consumption of the QV with a couple of sets of batteries, with wildly varying results: In direct or even indirect sunlight that big LCD is as unusable as the rest of them. When I first got into digital cameras about 4 years ago, one of the first I ever used was a Casio QV Casio estimates that a standard set of AA alkaline batteries allows you to record up to shots for lithium and for NiMH and they recommend keeping the flash turned off when not in use and taking advantage of the power save settings in the setup menus to help conserve battery power.


Images can be linked together in the camera for playback only or on the computer via the included Panorama Editor software Windows users only. Whatever they’re doing also bodes well for future, higher-resolution cameras, because image noise becomes an increasing problem as pixel counts scale higher and the individual pixel sensors become smaller on the CCD.

Executive Overview Casio labels the QVSX as a “versatile” digital camera on its packaging, and the product certainly lives up to that billing.

Digital Camera Resource Page: Casio QVSX

Self-Timer The self-timer on the QVSX gives you a two or 10 second casuo before firing the shutter once the shutter button is pressed. In the menu system, both aperture and shutter speed have entries with options of “Auto”, or several manual settings. It’s incredible feature list is what makes it a real standout though. While the manual is helpful, the organization is a bit strange.

Casio QV-8000SX (1999)

Normal flash power provides a working range from 1. You can always rotate the photo after the fact in an image editor, but it’s preferable by far to avoid the problem in the first place.

The plastic door flips open from the front, the card is ejected by a release button that is pushed in and pops up and then pushed down again to eject the CF card.