Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Looking for more See all results: I just wrote about this trackball, so refer to that post for all the details about buttons, scrolling, connectivity and comfort. The technology has gotten steadily better, making for easier, smoother and more accurate movement. There is a place to store the receiver in the battery compartment when it is not being used.

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Logitech’s MX Vertical mouse aims for wrist comfort. In addition to the bulk of the ball exposed on the right side of the body, which you moved with your fingers, there was also a hole in the body so that you could move the ball with your thumb, if you were really determined.

Back and forth Convenient Forward and Backward buttons help you get around the Web with ease. The cordless receiver was a rather large, marbpe thing which was common oogitech all Logitech cordless keyboards, mice and trackballs for quite some time.

Logitech Trackman Marble Plus (904276-0600) Trackball

I believe that the original Thumbelina also came with a bit of stick-on velcro that you were supposed to use to attach it to your laptop.

The buttons still work exactly as they did in trac,man mode. Does not work on clear glass or mirrors. I just wrote about this trackball, so refer to that post for all the details about buttons, scrolling, connectivity and comfort.


Bestek’s smartly designed strip includes two USB ports, as well as cable and phone jacks.

Input Device Connectivity Technology. So in the following descriptions I will include information about what event is sent by each button on them.

ttrackman There is one significant disadvantage of this button behavior, though. There are three buttons, two are the normal mouse left and right buttons and the third is a drag-lock button, with a little LED next to it which lights up when drag-lock is engaged.

But then I remembered that I still have quite a few old or very old laptops around here. Overall it is a pretty nice trackball, and I still use it from time to time when I need to grab one quickly for something, such as when the Logitech Unifying receiver isn’t recognized properly.

It would have been so much more convenient if the cord had been on the top. Please use a more current browser to view our site. I never did find a place which I thought was convenient enough and secure enough to do that.

It has a ball about the size of a pea, which mxrble very easy to roll with your thumb. The drag-lock button on the Thumbelina only produces one event each time you click it, alternating between button 1 press and button 1 release. Presenters Spotlight All Presenters. It has a plastic cover which protects the ball and buttons when traveling. Looking for support for this product? Cable modem shopping tips Cable modem shopping tips by Dong Ngo. Logitech MX Ergo wireless trackball mouse I’ve been waiting a long time for a new trackball from Logitech.


Looking for more See all results: This gives you click-and-drag functionality without needing any special software or driver support. Peripherals by David Carnoy Jul 2, Double-click the drag-lock button and a mode LED blinks on that button, and it switches from being a mouse to a trackball.

I think every trxckman of these trackballs had some interesting or unique new feature – logittech was generally the reason that I bought them.

Trackballs that I have known and loved: A history in hardware | ZDNet

The view shown here is of the top. This was a pretty good gimmick at the time that it was first released – even the idea of a scroll ring instead of a wheel was pretty new, and to have it be touch-sensitive rather than mechanical was just very spiffy.

That is very unfortunate. But it turns out to be a mixed blessing, because making very small movements with with the touch-sensitive surface is actually not very easy. Mac OS X Plus, it saves you space.